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Website Hosting

Hosting is your website parking space online and is required that you pay for this service in order to have a website online.

The cost of Hosting is 300 +VAT per year.

Domain Name

The domain name is your websites address and is a yearly service. The cost of your domain is not included in your free website package. The cost of your domain is dependent on the name you choose.

Other Requirements

If you have other requirements and functions that are not included in our free website packages, we will provide you with a cost estimate for these requests.

Got Questions?

We want to help businesses or individuals that are starting their own projects get a stunning online presence without having to worry about the cost! 

Website hosting is the server space that your new free website occupies… Simply said, you cannot have a website without having it hosted on a server. Website hosting is subject to annual cost.

A domain is the URL address your website uses. e.x

All the content that needs to be added on the free website needs to be provided by the Client. This includes text wordings and website images. If the Client requires from us to compose his website text and necessary images extra charges will apply.

Of course!!! Once our team sets everything up for you for free then we will provide you with training on how to adjust the content of your website.

Our team is here for you every step of the way. In case your business needs extra functionality we can undertake the task and get it done.

1. Valid for business and personal websites.
2. Extra / more advanced website features will bear additional cost based on the functionality needed.
3. For free online shops websites, we added up to 10 products. From there and on the client can add them himself or we can add them with an extra cost.
4. Extra charges may apply based on the payment gateway provider the client chooses (applies for online shops)
5. We add all the content for the first time (content is provided by the client).
6. Minimum period of hosting by our company is 2 years.
7. Extra charges apply when moving the website to another hosting provider.
8. Domain name is bought and managed by the client.
9. One hour of training on how to use the website is included in our offer.
10. Our company holds every right to reject a project in case it does not fall under the free website offer requirements or if  the client is requesting a website that requires more complex functionality.

We have been around for over 12 years offering our services to the Cyprus market and beyond. Our clients are very known business from Hi-End to mid level that can be found in our portfolio. Our clients trust us for being honest, fair and supportive.

My Free Websites is a Special service offer provided by applab projects.

Standard Package | €350

*Recommended for light weight content and small E-shops websites

Advanced Package | €450

*Recommended for content heavy and E-shop websites

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