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Website Design Cyprus

We have 10+ years of experience in building tailor-made, feature-rich websites with speed optimized front-end and easy to use backend.

Have a look at 150+ satisfied clients, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Your goals are the foundation we use to work out a dedicated solution.


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Website Design
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Website Design
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Custom Website Development
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Understanding your needs & presenting a concept

Initially, we will have a brief meeting to discuss the primary concepts. After brainstorming and reviewing the initial ideas, we will suggest our ideas based on your goals.

To expedite the process, we request you to provide us with all the relevant project materials, such as logos, texts, photos, sitemap, etc. Afterwards, we will develop and design a mock-up that will showcase a professional and fitting website design. Based on your input, we will refine the proposal to your satisfaction.


This phase is crucial because it is the point where you can provide feedback and express any comments or concerns.

However, it is important to avoid getting caught up in a cycle of trivial issues that require minimal or no adjustments, as this would lead to a waste of time and budget. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention during the review process and provide precise feedback.

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Upon receiving the last round of feedback, we will make the final adjustments and complete the design by integrating the final content, including text and photos.

Subsequently, we will transfer the project to the Development Department to commence the creation of the live website.

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After the Development Department completes the actual website, we will review it thoroughly to identify any errors and refine the final details.

Following this step, we will send you the final version of the website and conduct quality control. At this point, we will be ready to go live!

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Are you ready to move forward?

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We are Problem Solvers.

Our vast experience and business orientated mind set allows us to understand your needs and solve problems in a cost effective manner.

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The Future is here.

We are steps ahead. We research and learn for what's to come before new technologies and possibilities are released to the market, keeping our Clients one step ahead.

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Always by your side.

Support on time is the biggest issue most face. We don't just deliver our service, we support it until the end. Our team will always be by your side when you need them.

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Applab Projects | Limassol Website Design Cyprus

So you want to know more? Awesome!. Tell us more about your challenge and we will get back to you, as pronto as possible.

Mobile Apps

Standard Package | €350

*Recommended for light weight content and small E-shops websites

Advanced Package | €450

*Recommended for content heavy and E-shop websites